Come on in!

Hello and welcome! No need to take your shoes off, this is certainly not a place to be getting comfortable. Click play on the audio player and PARTY! Or don't... It's ok if this isn't your type of thing. If you'd prefer something more laid back, switch to the calmer version of my page. I won't be offended... I GUESS.

Who am I?

TBH, I don't know how to introduce myself because wherever I end up online, I can't just cling to one alias. I never use the same username twice, and I never put anything convenient to refer to me as in my display name. I type S in the name box if I NEED to, so we'll stick to that. I don't prefer sharing that many personal things, so I'm not keen on creating an in depth 'about me' page either. I may start a blog, but I'm not sure. For now... Infer! I love expressing my interests and on this page I've tried to squeeze in as many things as possible, but it's never enough, so hopefully once I complete some shrines there will be more to discover.

Why am I here?

I started my time on Neocities toward the end of 2021. I was a total noob at HTML (I still am), but I enjoyed stressing out over my website. Later on, I found that I really disliked the community festering at the time so I deleted my website in 2022 and didn't really intend on coming back. I ended up spending too much time on Twitter, and missed the feel of hand-crafting my own personal space, so I set out to look for a different website hosting network. As you can tell, I circled right back to Neocities after I spent time talking to a few inspiring friends who were coding their own sites right here. Also, I did not really find shit. Thanks to my buddies, I'm glad to be stressing out once more over my site. There's no place like carpal tunnel syndrome..!

What's with my URL..?

Thanks for asking... I played Togainu No Chi, a BLVN by Nitro+Chiral, and this one highly insignificant (to a normal girl) part of the game shook me to my absolute core and I was never the same, thus it is my URL.
Here is an explanation of the part in question:

Akira, the protagonist, wakes up from a nap. He finds a photograph of himself sleeping resting by him, with a message scribbled on the back.
It reads: "Be careful who you trust. Srsly." The photo was left by his comrade Rin, who had abandoned him during the night, leaving no trace but this message.

I LITERALLY CANNOT EXPLAIN WHY IT KILLS ME. Rin is my absolute favorite character in the entire world, he is the boy of the year, of all the years, forever, and ever and ever and ever and ever and

My mission...

All I really want to do here is make some e-shrines, because I have had a hell of a year obsessing over various characters and ships (LIKE IT WAS SO CRAZY). I'll likely end up prioritizing those, so I hope this is a sufficient enough landing page for you to get a good feel for ME.


Or... sign my guestbook...

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